Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Seven Reasons Why Newsies is Better

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When people find out Brian and I are going to New York, this is a typical conversation that comes about:
"New York! How cool! Are you going to see Book of Mormon?"
"No, we are going to see Newsies instead."
*Weird face and awkward pause.*

I was eating lunch with a friend the other day and I brought up my concern about why people look at me so strangely when I tell them we are going to see Newsies. "When you tell people you are going to see Newsies, it's like telling them you are going to go see One Direction in concert." he said.

Yes, I get it. Newsies is a Disney production, thus it is guaranteed to be more "kid friendly." One Direction can be considered wholesome for kids, too, what with their youthful image and positive messages. But why is it people associate  "kid friendly" with "not so fun for grownups."

In response, I decided to create a slew of reasons why the 2012 Tony winner for "Best Musical", Newsies, is a much more preferable option  than the 2011 "Best Musical" winner, Book of Mormon. Of course, this is from the perspective of someone who has seen neither production, but has listened to the soundtrack of each repeatedly. And I admit that all of these reasons are completely and totally subjective. I also reserve the right to change my stance if I ever happen to see both productions. :-)

So here are the seven reason why I would boff Elder Price and marry Jack Kelly:

1. It's easy to make kiddie entertainment. It's also easy to make adult potty humor and mature themed jokes. Want to know what's not easy? Creating entertainment that is suitable for children while at the same time making it fun for adults. 

2. Corey Cott as Jack Kelly will be amazing. Yeah, I know the original Jack Kelly, Jeremy Jordan, is no longer is in the show. He's onto bigger and better things now with the TV show Smash. But how could you say no to Corey Cott? He just has that "Darren Criss Appeal" about him:
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3. We don't have to sit there uncomfortably listening to a song that repeatedly says "$#*& you, God!" in Ugandan. Go ahead and call me a prude. I have listened to all of the other songs in Book of Mormon more than a dozen times each, I have probably only listened to this one once. Maybe it's my religious influence kicking in, but I just don't like it. Why pay such a high price for a show you already know you will not be able to completely enjoy?

5. Speaking of which, have you looked at the ticket prices for Book of Mormon? Please. And I'm not going to pay amounts that outrageous when the original cast members are not even performing anymore. Sorry. Perhaps I'll just go see it later this year when it comes to Houston.

6. The story is more applicable to our times. Sure, Book of Mormon actually has a shockingly decent moral message on what faith means. But Newsies is more of a David vs. Goliath story. Stand your ground! Fight for what's right! Stick it to the man! And do handsprings and cartwheels in the process!

7. Speaking of which, Newsies has super fit boys doing handsprings and cartwheels. Duh.